Monday, November 3, 2014

Hey Palm Springs! Are you LinkedIn?

Linkedin has 200+ million users.
2 new members join every second.
It's the 13th most visited website in the world.

The Palm Springs Guru recommends that you look into LinkedIn.

What is LinkedIn and how can it help me?
  • LinkedIn is the leading professional network on the web
  • Connect with friends, classmates, faculty, and family professionally
  • Find new opportunities for internships and full time positions
  • Manage what potential employers learn about you from the Internet
  • Find key contacts at organizations that interest you
Why join LinkedIn?
  • Build your professional brand/ market yourself in your field
  • Find and pursue your career passion by browsing profiles and connecting with professionals in your field
  • Build and maintain professional relationships
  • Turn professional relationships into opportunities
  • Research staff at companies as you prepare for interviews and other opportunities
How to join LinkedIn
  • Go to:
  • Click on "Join Now" 
  • You can fill out your profile in just a few minutes.
Now that I'm on LinkedIn, what do I do?
  • Add "connections" (people you know from school or professionally) and browse their connections
  • Join groups in which you have interest and browse their group members
  • Ask previous employers or professional contacts for recommendations (a brief recommendation of your work that you can include on your LinkedIn profile)
  • Strike up a conversation, share your knowledge with others, comment on interesting articles you've found interesting, reach out to someone new for an informational interview, get answers to your questions from industry experts, and reconnect with past colleagues
The Palm Springs Guru is encouraging everyone in Palm Springs and the greater Palm Springs area to have fun exploring the LinkedIn site. I use LinkedIn to maintain and grow my connections with friends, classmates, alumni, faculty, family and professional associates

In conclusion, I want to thank the SNRE Career Staff; they developed the majority of this text by using information from

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