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Tristan Rogers: An Exclusive Interview - Part 3 of 3

Palm Springs Personalities

 Part 3 of 3

20 year Palm Springs resident, film star, daytime television legend and local philanthropist, Tristan Rogers sat down with the Palm Springs Guru for an exclusive interview.

Palm Springs Guru: Do you have favorite charity organizations?

Tristan Rogers: Locally, here in Palm Springs, I support and work with the Desert AIDS Project.

The Desert AIDS Project provides medical care and comprehensive support services to people in our desert community living with HIV/AIDS.
Additionally, the Desert AIDS Project provides testing, treatment, counseling, transportation, housing and financial assistance to people living with HIV/AIDS.

The Palm Springs Desert AIDS Project has earned a national reputation as one of the most comprehensive HIV/AIDS services providers in the U.S.

Palm Springs Guru: What are your favorite causes?

Tristan Rogers: There are several; I will cite two:

        1) I am proud of my, 1984 -1998, contributions to American Cinema Awards Foundation. As the vice-president and director of shows, I worked with David Gest, Jane Greer, Aaron Shelden, Leo Jaffe and Ron Higgins. We worked together and we helped raise over $4,000,000 for the Motion Picture Retirement Home and Hospital.

The American Cinema Awards Foundation afforded me the rare opportunity to work with, and get to know such legendary stars as: Elizabeth Taylor, Bob Hope, Bette Davis, Robert Mitchum, Sophia Loren, Glenn Ford, Joseph Cotton, Robert Preston, and many, many more.

Our work opened many doors. Our work changed the Academy Awards program in that now you see the actors and the actresses of bye gone eras honored and included in the Academy Award night program broadcast world-wide.

  2)  Project Cuddle is a non-profit charity that helps frightened girls and women in making safe and legal decisions instead of abandoning their newborn babies.

Debbe Magnusen, Founder & CEO of Project Cuddle is an amazing person. She lives by the Cuddle Project code that: We Can Help and will NEVER JUDGE.

Palm Springs Guru: What would Tristan Rogers like to address during this interview?

Tristan Rogers: Like many parents I wonder and sometimes worry as to what kind of a country and what kind of a world we are leaving for our children.

I do not understand why politicians and law makers have to make everything complex and complicated. I wish they would work to keep things simple.

Palm Springs Guru: What message does Tristan Rogers have for America?

Tristan Rogers: Be optimistic. Do not spend too much time watching, listening or reading the daily news. Those sources tend to focus on the adversarial and the negative.

We Americans have the right to vote. Not all countries guarantee that right for their citizens. The right to vote includes the responsibility to vote. Be an informed voter, ignore the hype and focus on the issues.
America is a good country; we are a good people. I love America. I love Palm Springs. Teresa and I choose to live here. We raise our children here. I chose to become a naturalized U.S. citizen.

Palm Springs Guru: Thank you Tristan Rogers for granting this exclusive interview. Our readers and your fans appreciate your sharing and your openness.

Palm Springs Guru: We conclude Part 3 of our 3 part interview with this Tristan Rogers Fact: Tristan Rogers is the voice-over spokesman for several major television advertising campaigns. His resume includes voice-over work representing the famous restaurant chain Outback Steakhouse, Foster’s Lager Beer, Reebok, Epson and others.

Tristan Rogers voiced Jake the kangaroo mouse in The Rescuers Down Under an animated adventure motion picture produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation and released by Walt Disney Pictures.


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