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Tristan Rogers: Daytime Television Legend Interview: Part 2 of 3

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 Part 2 of 3

20 year Palm Springs resident, film star, daytime television legend and local philanthropist, Tristan Rogers sat down with the Palm Springs Guru for an exclusive interview.

Palm Springs Guru: Tell us about your hobbies and special interests?

Tristan Rogers: I was an only child. I learned to do things alone and enjoy my own company. I am sort of a do-it-yourself guy; so was my father. I built model cars; I had a designated work area set up for that hobby. My mother has kept all that stuff.

I’m pretty good at understanding and doing things mechanical. Model car building and doing my own bicycle maintenance and repairs led me to doing things with cars and race cars.

I enjoy driving race cars. One of my favorite venues was the Palm Springs Vintage Grand Prix. Famous race car drivers, celebrities and race enthusiasts came to Palm Springs to compete.

The Palm Springs Vintage Grand Prix races were an annual event usually run around Thanksgiving time. Participants and spectators had a great time. There were some noise complaints regarding the cars and the event stopped after its last run in 1996.

I have always loved cars and I always will; these days I own a 1970 Mustang fastback.

Locally, I participate in 5K running events and I sometimes participate in the Palm Springs Tram Road Challenge. It is, perhaps, the toughest, 6K, running event of its kind in the world.

Athletes come, from all over the world, to participate in this ultimate endurance test and run/walk some 2000 vertical feet in just over 3.7 miles. All finishers receive a customized finisher’s medal. This event benefits the United Way of the Desert.

I enjoy riding, my very old and very inexpensive, bicycle in the annual Tour de Palm Springs,  That delightful bicycle ride occurs early in the calendar year.

Palm Springs is world famous for wonderful weather and magnificent scenery. These two elements combined with thousands of bicyclists, make the Tour de Palm Springs a fundraising event like no other. The event raises many thousands of dollars for Palm Springs area charities.

I like helping local charities. Sometimes I can help because of my name recognition and my reputation. That means a lot to me.

I enjoy fishing and I like skeet shooting.

Palm Springs Guru: When did Tristan Rogers come to America?

Tristan Rogers: I came to America in 1979. At that time I was married to actress, Barbara Meale. We realized that my career, while successful, was not moving forward as we wanted. It was time for a change. We rented our home and sold our possessions and headed for Los Angeles.

Palm Springs Guru: What was your first impression of America?

Tristan Rogers: Smog! I got off the airplane in Los Angeles and started coughing.  I thought I might not be able to acclimate. However, in just a few days I was fine.

I found LA similar to, my hometown, Melbourne, the capital and most populous city in the state of Victoria, and the second most populous city in Australia

Driving on a different side of the road took some getting used to. Again, I was just fine in a few days.

I needed to work and found work as a builder’s assistant. I did some commercial work and I had a few minor roles on daytime television.

In 1980 I was hired for a two day role on General Hospital. I played a character named Robert Xavier Scorpio. He was a spy. He worked for the World Security Bureau (WSB). 
Robert Scorpio is part of television history and that two day role continues to this day.

Palm Springs Guru: How much of Tristan Rogers is in the Robert Scorpio character?

Tristan Rogers: A lot really; the General Hospital writers did not know how to write for an Australian. Executive Producer Gloria Monty let me edit and rewrite Robert Scorpio’s role. Her only stipulation was that I did not change the story line. It worked beautifully. I appreciate the faith that Gloria Monty had in me.

Palm Springs Guru: The Tristan Rogers calendar for the remainder of 2014… anything you can share?

Tristan Rogers: This month, October, 2014, Colin is about to stir some entertaining trouble. Watch for it. It starts about Halloween. 

I am looking at a number of things. Television is not what it used to be, that is neither good nor bad, it a sign of the times.

American audiences are migrating from commercial television. Cable TV, Pay-per-View, Netflix, Hula, YouTube, Vimeo, etc. have changed television forever.

Palm Springs Guru: Tristan Rogers projects for 2015 and beyond?

Tristan Rogers: I find that I have to consider a lot of options. The entertainment field is constantly changing; it offers a wide variety of challenges and options.

People do not watch television as they did in the past. Young people, the 18- to 34-year-olds prized by advertisers, do not watch traditional television. They are into different mediums including web television.

The Internet and the web both have to be considered in any business venture whether it be entertainment or a brick and mortar business. We are a nation, indeed we are a world, of the hand held device.

Any Tristan Rogers venture will include with the “here and now” technology.

In any aspect of our lives we can look back, reflect upon and celebrate the past. We can enjoy the memories. We cannot expect to do business like we did. Technology has moved us forward and, at a very fast pace.

Palm Springs Guru: We conclude Part 2 of our 3 part interview with this Tristan Rogers Fact: Tristan Rogers is a true acting professional. His resume includes television, movies and live theater. Tristan knows his way around acting venues. Tristan likes to work with an ensemble, a group of actors who perform together. He finds that to be enjoyable and rewarding.
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You can read Part 3 of 3 tomorrow

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