Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Tristan Rogers: Television Legend Grants Exclusive Interview

Palm Springs Personalities

Part 1 of 3

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20 year Palm Springs resident, film star, daytime television legend and local philanthropist, Tristan Rogers sat down with the Palm Springs Guru for an exclusive interview.

Palm Springs Guru: I like the photograph of you and your dog on your Twitter page; please tell us about your dog.

Tristan Rogers: She is a bulldog. Her name is Willy; she is six years old. The Rogers household is a bit of a dog sanctuary. We have three bulldogs and one Irish Mastiff. We participate with bulldog rescue organizations. One of our bulldogs and the Mastiff are rescued dogs.

Palm Springs Guru: Who is Tristan Rogers?

Tristan Rogers: That is a complicated question; it requires a considerable thought. I am a father, son, and husband. I am an immigrant and naturalized U.S. citizen. I am an actor, director, businessman, entrepreneur and world-traveler. I am a philanthropist in that I take care of my family first and then ensure that I give time and money to help make life better for other people. 

Palm Springs Guru: How long have you lived in Palm Springs?

Tristan Rogers: I’ve lived here, in Palm Springs, since 1994. I moved here from Los Angeles.

Palm Springs Guru: What brought you to Palm Springs?

Tristan Rogers: Life in LA was not what Teresa, and I wanted for our children. The LA riots made that abundantly clear. While the LA Riots, during the spring of 1992, are mostly associated with the beating of Rodney King; it is important to remember that L.A. was in the throes of a vicious era of street violence including looting, serious injuries and murders. It was time to leave.

Palm Springs Guru: What was the worst job you held?

Tristan Rogers: About the time I was 16 I wanted a job. A friend of my father owned a printing shop. We all thought it might be a good idea for me to work there. I can understand and work with most things mechanical. But, I never could get that printing press to work. About three weeks later we realized that printing was not going to be my profession.

Palm Springs Guru: We conclude Part 1 of our 3 part interview with this Tristan Rogers Fact: Tristan Rogers is a pioneer; he was the first Australian actor to gain popularity, in America, by using his native Australian accent. Tristan's rapid rise in popularity is credited with being the genesis of the American fascination with all things Australia.

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Photograph credit: CBS

You can read Part 2 of 3; tomorrow

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