Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Palm Springs Personalities

Part 3 of 3

Today we conclude my interview with Palm Springs celebrity and KNews Radio's Bulldog Bill Feingold:

Palm Springs Guru asks: How and when did you get the nick name, Bulldog?

Bill replies: The nickname Bulldog originated during my political campaign for a seat on the City Council. I was one of 10 or 11 candidates. One particular candidate was constantly providing incorrect information. I always corrected that person on these important points. After a time, someone in the audience commented that Mr. Feingold has the tenacity of a bulldog. The moniker has been with me ever since.

I like it and I honor the name bulldog. It is essence of my radio show. It is not a private life nickname

Palm Springs Guru asks: What do you love about Palm Springs?

Bill replies: I love the mountains. I love the weather. I love the people.

Palm Springs Guru asks: How can we improve life in Palm Springs?

Bill replies: Palm Springs should have a full time mayor who lives in Palm Springs.

I learned, during my school years that a person can improve life in his/her community by becoming actively involved with that community.

Therefore, we can improve life in Palm Springs by becoming actively involved with our community.

Not long after becoming a full time resident of Palm Springs, I began attending Palm Springs City Government meetings
Next, I applied for a position on the Palm Springs Human Rights Council. This nine-member Commission is appointed by the City Council. I never heard anything from them. They did not, even, acknowledge my application.

Sometime later, after more effort on my part, I was appointed to the Palm Springs Human Rights Commission. I was the Vice Chair to the Chairman. Soon, I became the Chair and expanded the Commission to include everyone’s rights. I served three years as Chairman of the Palm Springs Human Rights Commission and Hate Crimes Task Force.

I began to get noticed and, thanks to Gary Stone, I was asked to discuss my view points on the radio.

I ran for City Council. I was outspent by every other candidate. I did not get elected.

Palm Springs Guru: Bill, this has been a delightful and insightful interview. In closing, we remind everyone to tune in to the Bill Feingold show, featuring Kevin Holmes, weekdays on KNews Radio, 94.3 FM & 970 AM. The show is on the air from 6 AM to 9AM. More KNews information at

Part 3 0f 3

This concludes my interview with

Bill “Bulldog” Feingold.

Thank you Mr. Feingold.

Hey Bulldog fans! Two things to think about:
1.      Mark your calendars for next Super Bowl Sunday and think of the movie Grease. Bill Feingold will be hosting the sing-a-long at the McCallum Theater.
2.      Stay tuned you might see Bill Feingold on television.

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