Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Palm Springs Personalities
Part 2 of 3

Today we continue my interview with Palm Springs celebrity and KNews Radio's Bulldog Bill Feingold:

Palm Springs Guru asks: Bill Feingold in college

Bill replies: I started my college years by attending the University of Miami in Florida. I earned good grades. I rode a motorbike and I had an afro style haircut.

Later, I transferred to Hofstra. I graduated in 1972 with a degree in American History. I wanted to be a teacher.

I did not necessarily want to go to Hofstra. My mother said if you transfer it has to be close to home. I did not know I had other options; I transferred to Hofstra.

The Viet Nam war was going on during my college years. I was an active, not violent, protester. Every male, at age 18, was required, by federal law, to register for the US military draft.

Today, we have an all-volunteer Army. During Viet Nam young men were being drafted into the Army and a lot of them sent into combat. You waited to see what your draft number required of you. My draft number was not called; I was not drafted into the military.

In 1971, during college, I was a student teacher I worked in the city in what we called “a bad neighborhood”. The students did not like or respect teachers. Truancy was a big problem. Students did attend my classes. They liked me; they respected my and they did not damage my car.

I liked teaching.
Palm Springs Guru asks: Bill Feingold the working years.

Bill replies: One day, I woke up and said “I’m going to be a stockbroker.” I did not know anything about the business. I did not let that fact stop me. I worked as a stock broker for 17 years. I worked for three firms. There were major changes in buying and selling stocks during those 17 years, I started in the days before the Internet, eTrade and Scottrade. Every buy/sell was handled by a stockbroker.

During those years, I traveled from New York to Los Angeles, on weekends and holidays. I had three friends who were terminally ill. My friends needed full time care; I made the commitment to be there, for them, on my weekends and holidays.  I was there when they needed a care giver; that’s what friends do.

Travel was expensive and time consuming. I decided to move to LA.

I continued to work as a stockbroker. My LA day started early because of the New York Stock Exchange hours. However, my work day ended at 1 PM.

I lived at the Burton Plaza in LA. It was owned by an Orthodox Jewish family. They came to know me, like me and respect me. In fact, they hired me to manage the 135-unit apartment complex. I accepted with the understanding that the job was supposed to last six months; I was there seven years. During those seven years I made the building one, big happy family.

There was a weekend guy; the weekend manager but, the residents did not like him. I could not enjoy the weekend sunshine or the Plaza swimming pool. The residents kept coming to me, on the weekends to report their dripping faucets, plugged toilets, etc. The reports went on and on; I never got a day off. I needed to get out of town.

Palm Springs Guru asks: Bill Feingold arrives in Palm Springs, California.

Bill replies: Palm Springs was my getaway destination. Driving from LA to Palm Springs was, usually, an acceptable commute. I bought my condo 14 years ago; I used it as my getaway place.

I found I was getting to the point where I did not want to return to LA. I decided to move to Palm Springs. I was never that fond of LA; I love Palm Springs.

I want to acknowledge two people who have helped me with my success in Palm Springs. They are Gary Stone and Marshall Gilbert. Both men are known to the K-News listeners. Both are and widely regarded and respected in Palm Springs.

My radio career started, with K-News, as a stand in for Gary or Marshall.

I was somewhat surprised to learn that people liked my voice. I don’t like it but my listeners do and that’s what is important in radio.

K-News offered me a Saturday, one-hour show. There was not a salary connected with the show. I prepared tons of material; I was ready! My material lasted maybe 15 minutes. I knew that dead air is not a good thing. I had to do something; I started talking with the guy in the control booth. His name is Kevin Holmes. We clicked; the listeners enjoyed our conversations. Kevin and I have been friends ever since. Kevin is a great asset to the show; we are a great team.

You can read Part 3 of 3; tomorrow

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