Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Palm Springs Personalities

Part 3 of 3

Today we conclude my interview with Palm Springs celebrity and KNews Radio's Bulldog Bill Feingold:

Palm Springs Guru asks: How and when did you get the nick name, Bulldog?

Bill replies: The nickname Bulldog originated during my political campaign for a seat on the City Council. I was one of 10 or 11 candidates. One particular candidate was constantly providing incorrect information. I always corrected that person on these important points. After a time, someone in the audience commented that Mr. Feingold has the tenacity of a bulldog. The moniker has been with me ever since.

I like it and I honor the name bulldog. It is essence of my radio show. It is not a private life nickname

Palm Springs Guru asks: What do you love about Palm Springs?

Bill replies: I love the mountains. I love the weather. I love the people.

Palm Springs Guru asks: How can we improve life in Palm Springs?

Bill replies: Palm Springs should have a full time mayor who lives in Palm Springs.

I learned, during my school years that a person can improve life in his/her community by becoming actively involved with that community.

Therefore, we can improve life in Palm Springs by becoming actively involved with our community.

Not long after becoming a full time resident of Palm Springs, I began attending Palm Springs City Government meetings
Next, I applied for a position on the Palm Springs Human Rights Council. This nine-member Commission is appointed by the City Council. I never heard anything from them. They did not, even, acknowledge my application.

Sometime later, after more effort on my part, I was appointed to the Palm Springs Human Rights Commission. I was the Vice Chair to the Chairman. Soon, I became the Chair and expanded the Commission to include everyone’s rights. I served three years as Chairman of the Palm Springs Human Rights Commission and Hate Crimes Task Force.

I began to get noticed and, thanks to Gary Stone, I was asked to discuss my view points on the radio.

I ran for City Council. I was outspent by every other candidate. I did not get elected.

Palm Springs Guru: Bill, this has been a delightful and insightful interview. In closing, we remind everyone to tune in to the Bill Feingold show, featuring Kevin Holmes, weekdays on KNews Radio, 94.3 FM & 970 AM. The show is on the air from 6 AM to 9AM. More KNews information at

Part 3 0f 3

This concludes my interview with

Bill “Bulldog” Feingold.

Thank you Mr. Feingold.

Hey Bulldog fans! Two things to think about:
1.      Mark your calendars for next Super Bowl Sunday and think of the movie Grease. Bill Feingold will be hosting the sing-a-long at the McCallum Theater.
2.      Stay tuned you might see Bill Feingold on television.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Palm Springs Personalities
Part 2 of 3

Today we continue my interview with Palm Springs celebrity and KNews Radio's Bulldog Bill Feingold:

Palm Springs Guru asks: Bill Feingold in college

Bill replies: I started my college years by attending the University of Miami in Florida. I earned good grades. I rode a motorbike and I had an afro style haircut.

Later, I transferred to Hofstra. I graduated in 1972 with a degree in American History. I wanted to be a teacher.

I did not necessarily want to go to Hofstra. My mother said if you transfer it has to be close to home. I did not know I had other options; I transferred to Hofstra.

The Viet Nam war was going on during my college years. I was an active, not violent, protester. Every male, at age 18, was required, by federal law, to register for the US military draft.

Today, we have an all-volunteer Army. During Viet Nam young men were being drafted into the Army and a lot of them sent into combat. You waited to see what your draft number required of you. My draft number was not called; I was not drafted into the military.

In 1971, during college, I was a student teacher I worked in the city in what we called “a bad neighborhood”. The students did not like or respect teachers. Truancy was a big problem. Students did attend my classes. They liked me; they respected my and they did not damage my car.

I liked teaching.
Palm Springs Guru asks: Bill Feingold the working years.

Bill replies: One day, I woke up and said “I’m going to be a stockbroker.” I did not know anything about the business. I did not let that fact stop me. I worked as a stock broker for 17 years. I worked for three firms. There were major changes in buying and selling stocks during those 17 years, I started in the days before the Internet, eTrade and Scottrade. Every buy/sell was handled by a stockbroker.

During those years, I traveled from New York to Los Angeles, on weekends and holidays. I had three friends who were terminally ill. My friends needed full time care; I made the commitment to be there, for them, on my weekends and holidays.  I was there when they needed a care giver; that’s what friends do.

Travel was expensive and time consuming. I decided to move to LA.

I continued to work as a stockbroker. My LA day started early because of the New York Stock Exchange hours. However, my work day ended at 1 PM.

I lived at the Burton Plaza in LA. It was owned by an Orthodox Jewish family. They came to know me, like me and respect me. In fact, they hired me to manage the 135-unit apartment complex. I accepted with the understanding that the job was supposed to last six months; I was there seven years. During those seven years I made the building one, big happy family.

There was a weekend guy; the weekend manager but, the residents did not like him. I could not enjoy the weekend sunshine or the Plaza swimming pool. The residents kept coming to me, on the weekends to report their dripping faucets, plugged toilets, etc. The reports went on and on; I never got a day off. I needed to get out of town.

Palm Springs Guru asks: Bill Feingold arrives in Palm Springs, California.

Bill replies: Palm Springs was my getaway destination. Driving from LA to Palm Springs was, usually, an acceptable commute. I bought my condo 14 years ago; I used it as my getaway place.

I found I was getting to the point where I did not want to return to LA. I decided to move to Palm Springs. I was never that fond of LA; I love Palm Springs.

I want to acknowledge two people who have helped me with my success in Palm Springs. They are Gary Stone and Marshall Gilbert. Both men are known to the K-News listeners. Both are and widely regarded and respected in Palm Springs.

My radio career started, with K-News, as a stand in for Gary or Marshall.

I was somewhat surprised to learn that people liked my voice. I don’t like it but my listeners do and that’s what is important in radio.

K-News offered me a Saturday, one-hour show. There was not a salary connected with the show. I prepared tons of material; I was ready! My material lasted maybe 15 minutes. I knew that dead air is not a good thing. I had to do something; I started talking with the guy in the control booth. His name is Kevin Holmes. We clicked; the listeners enjoyed our conversations. Kevin and I have been friends ever since. Kevin is a great asset to the show; we are a great team.

You can read Part 3 of 3; tomorrow

Tune in to the Bill Feingold show, featuring Kevin Holmes, weekdays on KNews Radio, 94.3 FM & 970 AM. The show is on the air from 6 AM to 9AM. More KNews information at

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Palm Springs Personalities
 Part 1 of 3

Welcome to our new feature, Palm Springs Personalities.

Palm Springs celebrity and KNews Radio's Bulldog Bill Feingold: is our first interview.

The Bill Feingold morning show, featuring Kevin Holmes, is on the air weekdays on KNews Radio, 94.3 FM & 970 AM. The show, on the air from 6 AM to 9AM, is the Coachella Valley's wake-up call.

Big name celebrities, from everywhere under the Sun line up to talk with the Bulldog. The star-studded list includes Joan Rivers, Suzanne Somers, Johnny Mathis, Liza Minnelli, Robert Wagner, Lily Tomlin, Jim J. Bullock, Gavin MacLeod, and Esai Morales.

These A-List celebrity interviews combined with listener phone-ins and conversations with people from different walks of life delight Bulldog’s vast listening audience because of the wit, humor, laughter, charm, friendship, and information. And, on a regular schedule the show keeps its audience informed with the latest news, weather, business numbers, sports and more.

Bill Feingold is just what the doctor ordered to start your day off on the right foot.

Palm Springs Guru asks: Who is Bill Feingold? Tell us, in your own words.

Bill replies: Good question. I am 64 years old. I am healthy. I’m a good guy, smart, funny, compassionate and somewhat shy. I am a self-confident person. I am realistic. I have confidence in my own judgment, my abilities, etc.

I am a very busy person. I am a workaholic. I seldom take a vacation; my vocation is my vacation. I will never retire

You find out who you are through your friendships. I am a good friend. You find out who you are via your growth as a human being. Life continues to help me learn who I am. What you see is what you get.

I don't take crap!

Palm Springs Guru asks: Bill Feingold the early years; mother, father and life in New York City.

Bill replies: When I was born my mother was about 35 and my dad about 38 or 39. I have one sibling, an older sister. She lives in LA. I feel and always have that she was the Golden Girl. Anything she wanted she got; she wanted braces and got them. I wanted braces and did not get them. My mother said “Don’t worry, you’ll get married anyway.”

I raised myself.

My Bar Mitzvah coincided with the Cuban Missile Crisis of October, 1962. John F. Kennedy was President. The Russians felt the need to test our young President. They tested my mother’s patience too.

Russian Premier Nikita Khrushchev established missile sites in Cuba. We were on the brink of World War III. It was a very tense time in our history.

I did my Shabbat service on Friday night. People attending the service were preoccupied; they did not even notice that I was there.

Saturday was the Bar Mitzvah; people sat in the Temple in abject fear.

Kennedy challenged the Russians and Khrushchev blinked. The missiles were removed.

Sunday’s party was a patriotic Red, White and Blue theme. Everyone was glued to the TV and people who never drank before got drunk. It turned out to be a great party.

Palm Springs Guru asks: The awkward years; what can you tell us?

Bill replies: I knew I was different from about the seventh grade on. I asked myself “What’s wrong?”
I was very good at socializing. I had lots of friends. Some of my childhood friends are my friends today.

I composed a life…

I had a secret life…

I used humor and a sharp tongue to survive, succeed and avoid getting beat up.

I attended George W. Hewlett High School. I graduated in 1967.

I had no role models. Liberace was a TV celebrity at that time. I knew he was not a role model for me. I said “Gosh, I don’t want to be like him.”

You can read Part 2 of 3; tomorrow
Tune in to the Bill Feingold show, featuring Kevin Holmes, weekdays on KNews Radio, 94.3 FM & 970 AM. The show is on the air from 6 AM to 9AM. More KNews information at 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Coming Soon! New Feature!

Soon we will be presenting the first...
in a new series!

No, we won't tell you now. But the picture is a clue.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Palm Springs people and people in the greater Palm Springs area are American patriots.
I am reminded of that when I see our flag flying. I am reminded of that during Memorial day and the 4th of July. Here is what you can do:


Bless Palm Springs and the greater Palm Springs area. Bless the USA and bless you. 

Thursday, July 17, 2014

We all know and appreciate the number of celebrities, athletes and politicians who have lived in Palm Springs.

A few mobsters, murderers and other criminals have called Palm Springs home too.
Have a look at this list: